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  • Reboot

    We know reboot is shutting down and restarting a computer. I have defined reboot as restarting your soul. I have defined reboot as restarting your soul. Rebooting your soul takes honesty; overcoming your denial and realizing you are worthy enough for safety and greatness. Then once we are safe, the healing and integration can begin.

  • Repair

    Repair your heart, mind and soul with these pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, exercise, minfulness/meditation, and mental health. You will learn how to validate your pain, give your self permission to be heard and fill the void with positive thoughts and actions. Your inner world is healing and now you are capable of self-love. You are ready for your Rebirth.

  • Rebirth

    In Rebirth, you are ready to look outside self and form healthy connections.Learn self-validation techniques to avoid people pleasing behaviors. Stop abandoning yourself and maintain healthy boundaries. Principles of persistence and accountability and how to use them. Maintenance and Celebration. Own and Share Your Story/Give Back. Creator of Abundance.

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by Dr. Mort Orman

by Dr. Mort Orman

Dr. Battle's extensive personal experience combined with her unique insights and wisdom has produced this powerful new tool for recovering from abuse and creating a life full of peace and opportunity